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Windows PowerShell
Decode Base64-Encoded String on Windows using PowerShell
This tutorial shows how Windows users and developers can encode a given text and decode base64-encoded string using PowerShell commands.

SAML Tracing
Display SAML Response on Firefox using Web Developer Tools
This guide shows developers and administrators how they can display the contents of a SAML response using a web browser namely on Firefox using Web Developer Tools.

Cloud Tools
S3 Browser Tool for Accessing and Managing Amazon S3 Buckets
If you are using AWS services you can use free S3 Browser tool is for non-commercial use to access and manage your AWS accounts' Amazon S3 buckets, S3 bucket folders and contents of your S3 buckets, upload and download files from Amazon S3 buckets easier.

Data Virtualization and Database Management Tools
Connect Data Virtuality using DBeaver Database Management Software
In this tutorial, I want to show data virtualization platform SQL developers to connect Data Virtuality using DBeaver Database Manager tool.

Data Virtualization and Database Management Tools
How to Connect Denodo using DbVisualizer Database Management Tool
Denodo Data Virtualization guide shows how DbVisualizer SQL Database Management tool can be configured for a Denodo JDBC driver setup and database connection to Denodo databases

Data Virtualization and Database Management Tools
Connect Denodo Data Virtualization Software from DBeaver Database Management Tool
DBeaver SQL Database Management user tutorial shows database programmers to define JDBC Driver for Denodo Data Virtualization Platform and create database connection to Denodo databases

DBeaver Greenplum
Connect Pivotal Greenplum Database using DataDirect JDBC Driver on DBeaver
This Greenplum tutorial shows how to connect Greenplum database on DBeaver Database Management tool using native Pivotal Greenplum JDBC driver instead of using PostgreSQL drivers.

Power BI Reporting Tool
Connect Amazon Redshift from Power BI Desktop Report
Power BI tutorial showing how BI Business Intelligence developers connect to Amazon Redshift data source to fetch data for their reports.

Database Management Tools
Download and Install DbVisualizer Database Management Tool for SQL Developer
DbVisualizer is a SQL database management tool that can connect to many different databases using JDBC drivers which are shipped with setup file and can be installed later.

Data Virtualization
Denodo Virtual DataPort Connection Error: Unrecognized SSL Message
In this guide for Denodo data virtualization software administrators, I would like to share my experience on how to solve the connection error by changing default port configuration of Denodo Virtual DataPort Server.

Database Management Tools for Analytic Databases
Connect to Amazon Redshift using DBeaver Database Management Tool
Since DBeaver is a free universal database management tool and it supports Amazon Redshift as a target database, Amazon Redshift datawarehouse developers and administrators can use DBeaver to connect to Amazon Redshift database and manage Redshift cluster objects and query data within DBeaver.

Database Management Tools for Analytic Databases
Download and Install DBeaver Database Manager to Connect Exasol Database
SQL developer and database administrators can download and install free community edition of DBeaver database manager tool to connect to Exasol database, in memory analytic database for your datawarehouse.

Windows Account Lock Problem
Identify Program, Process or Service which Locks your Windows Account
After changing Windows password, my account is locked frequently preventing me to log. PsExec tool helped me identify stored credentials and update passwords

Ping on Mac
How to Ping with Port Number on MAC
Mac users can ping specific ports of a web URL on Terminal screen using nmap.

Tag Cloud
Create Tag Cloud using Firefox Web Browser History
Windows users can create their own tag cloud using Firefox web browsing history data out from places SQLite file following the step given in this tutorial

PHP Code Editor
PHP frameworks supported in the CodeLobster IDE
Let's go through all different PHP frameworks supported by CodeLobster IDE.

JIRA Issue Tracker
Xray Test Management Tool Inside Jira Issue Tracker Software
Xray Test Management tool enables users to manage their tests inside Jira software

Media Player
How to Rotate Video Files using Free Software Tools
In this guide I show Windows users how to rotate video files and transform 90 degrees using free software tool. It is also possible to mute sounds from video

TI-Nspire CX Calculator
Charge TI-Nspire CX Calculator and Configure Default Settings
If you purchase a TI-Nspire CX Handheld calculator first charge its battery using USB cable and then configure default settings like language, font size using Setting menu

Web Browser Extensions
How to List Add-Ons Extensions and Apps on Chrome Browser
If you are looking for missing links or menu to display Chrome apps and extensions on your browser, you should read my guide for displaying apps and extensions on Chrome web browser.

Delete Invalid Files and Folders
Cannot Delete File. Could not find this item
When I try to delete a file, deletion failed with reporting error "Could not find this item. This is no longer located in" target folder

Windows Tool: WinVer.exe
How to Find Windows Version and Edition using winver.exe Tool
Windows users can use winver.exe tool to find and display the Windows version, edition and the service pack level of their current Windows operating system.

Screen Recorder Tool
Free Screen Recorder Tool Download for Windows
Using a screen recorder software for Windows, I can capture my actions on the screen and add audio as well beside the movements of mouse on the screen and save it as a small video file. You an download screen-to-capture free screen recorder tool for Windows from Microsoft.

Windows Thumbnail Cache
Delete Thumbnail Cache thumbcache Files on Windows 7 using Disk Cleanup Tool
Windows 7 use thumbnail cache thumbcache files for performance in Windows Folder display with thumbnails. Users can prevent thumbnails and delete cache using a tool named Disk Clean-up tool shipped free with Windows 7 and other Windows operating systems like Vista or Windows 8.

VMware Player
Download VMWare Player for Windows for Free
Download VMware Player free as desktop virtualization tool to install virtual machines for running legacy systems or for trial purposes of new operating systems like Windows 10 or new software applications.

ePub Viewer
Download ePub Reader for Windows for Free
ePub stands for electronic publication and is one of the ebook file formats and is read by using an ePub document reader or an ePub converter program. To read ePub documents on PC, download free ePub reader programs for Windows like Adobe Digital Editions, Scilti or EPUBReader Fire Fox extension for your web browser.

Windows Task Scheduler and Website Monitoring
Use Windows Task Scheduler for Website Monitoring
A Task Scheduler software is a tool for tasks done periodically like website monitoring. In my previous Visual Studio tutorial, I've shared C-Sharp source codes of a website monitoring application developed using Visual Studio 2013 IDE. In this tutorial, I'll show how we can use Windows 7 Task Scheduler tool to execute this application based on a time schedule automatically to monitor websites easily. You can of course run a different application according to your requirements

Hide Your Profile on LinkedIn as Being Anonymous While Viewing Others Profile
As a LinkedIn member it is possible to hide your activities as being anonymous using Privacy settings of your account. Using Settins menu, it is possible to configure how other LinkedIn members see your activity: being anonymous is one of the possible options.

Download Windows Essentials to Install Movie Maker
File Recovery Software
Best File Recovery Software and Undelete Files Tools
File recovery software is one of first aid tools to undelete files and to recover deleted files accidentally from computer disks and Recycle Bin of your PCs. Recently one of my relatives asked me "How to recover my files deleted even from Recycle Bin?". The answer is easy with professional and free file recovery software like UndeletePlus, Recuva or FreeUndelete tools.

Time Management Tool
Time Tracking Software ManicTime Time Management Tool
Time management is one of most important issues for being successful in your professional career as well as in your private life. While I was searching for a time tracking tool, I found ManicTime that will help me managing time for a better time management at my work.

Microsoft Security Essentials
Microsoft Security Essentials Alert provides Online Free Antivirus Protection
Microsoft Security Essentials Alert provides online free antivirus protection for your computer. Here is a sample case showing how Microsoft Security Essentials Alert works when it detects a potential threat like an adware.

Microsoft Security Essentials
Microsoft Security Essentials Download For Free Antivirus Protection
Microsoft Windows users can download Microsoft Security Essentials for free from Microsoft in order to protect their Windows computers from viruses, spyware, malware and similar malicious software. Microsoft Security Essentials download is available for Windows users who are running Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating systems on their computers.

Cisco Security Agent (CSA) leventmgr.exe
What is leventmgr.exe process file ?
leventmgr.exe is a Cisco Security Agent component.

Windows 7 Task Scheduler
Windows 7 Task Scheduler as Windows Task Scheduling Software
Windows 7 Task Scheduler software can be used for Windows 7 users to schedule computer tasks to run automatically using Microsoft Management Console.
Microsoft has improved the Tasks application that is built in with Windows XP, and a new advanced task scheduler has been developed that comes with new Windows 7 for Windows OS users. Microsoft Windows Task Scheduler is a free of bugs and an enhanced task scheduling software for Win7 users.
I believe that Windows scheduling tool will be appretiated much just like many other Windows 7 tools by its users.

Photo Recovery Software
Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Problem When used with Truecrypt
Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery program is an easy to use data recovery software which is used to recover deleted images or deleted media files from hard drives, SD cards, flash disks and other detachable data storage devices. This photo recovery program I used once seemed to be quite enough to find and recover deleted and accidentally formatted photos, images and other data files.

Format Flash Disk NTFS
How to Format Flash Disk NTFS - 16GB Corsair Voyager
If you want to save files bigger than 2 GB in size, you have to format flash disk NTFS file system. If you check your Corsair Voyager flash disk file format type, you will see that your USB flash disk is formatted in FAT32 file system.

HJSplit File Splitting Program
How to Join Files with 001 Extension Using HJSplit File Splitting Program
I have a list of files with extensions avi.001, avi.002, avi.003 and that goes on to avi.008 These list of files with file extension 001,002,003,...,008 belong to download parts of a program, or may be part of movies, etc. In fact, these files with 001 format are splitted parts of a file with huge size. Since it makes it difficult to copy, move or download files with big sizes, it is a wise step to split files using a file splitting program.

VHD Mount File - VPC
How to Open VHD File and Mount VHD File without using Virtual PC
Virtual PC users frequently require to mount vhd file while they used as a virtual disk of your virtual operating system hard disk. In this short step-by-step tutorial, I will try to demonstrate how to open vhd file and mount vhd file using free tool Gizmo.

Web Site Advisor for Web Safety
Online Web Site Advisor Tools for Web Safety and Check a website is Safe to Browse
Go one of the listed web site advisor tools for your web safety to check if a web site is safe to browse.

SD Photo Recovery
Download PhotoRec Free Digital SD Photo Recovery Program
Download and use PhotoRec free digital SD photo recovery program for your deleted sd card photo recovery and for all other media storing image like hard disk, flash disks, USB sticks, etc.

Download TrueCrypt Windows Disk Encryption Tool
Download and use TrueCrypt Windows disk encryption tool for keeping your confidential data secure.

TreeSize Free V2.21
TreeSize Free V2.21 - Folder sizes in a Window Explorer style
TreeSize Free V2.21 displays how much your folders cover space on your disks you can download free TreeSize Free V2.21 and use it for listing and displaying folder sizes, count of files within folders, etc.

Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 Manager for Windows XP
Manage Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 from Windows XP computers
If you are running an IIS (Internet Information Server) on your computer and if it is not the IIS 6.0 then you are propably having problem to connect to an other IIS servers which are IIS 6.0 running on Windows 2003 servers on your LAN. By using the IIS Management Console from an XP computer you can connect to IIS 6.0 Web Servers from your XP computer.

Log Parser 2.2
Log Parser
IT professionals can use Log parser tool to query text files like the name of the product recalls log files, XML files, Event Log files, Registry entries, Active Directory or CSV formatted files. For example using Log Parser 2.2 Tool, and IIS administrator can query web logs and generate a report from web server logs.

Developers can download Log Parser 2.2 from Microsoft Downloads portal.

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