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PHP frameworks supported in the CodeLobster IDE

This rapidly advancing modern world of technology, demands quickness and ease in project execution and yet any compromise on quality is totally out of question... Every developer whatsoever, sooner or later, would require such a rush in his project execution and such scenarios strictly look for ease and quality in lesser time.

The same situation happened to me once and coming up with something quick and easy, to accelerate my work, seemed mandatory. Believe me such a pressure situation may lead to so much havoc if you can't find the right solution at right time.

Founding CodeLobster IDE with all its dense integrations changed the world for me.

Getting to work with Code Lobster IDE now pretty much saves me in all such situations and lately I have been using CodeLobster IDE for variety of my projects since it has all the supported modules included, by default, to support most popular PHP frameworks.

Let's go through all different PHP frameworks supported by CodeLobster IDE.


Salient features supported in CodeLobster IDE:

    MVC and ORM framework
    Easy to create and manage databases
    Based Upon (RAD) phenomena

CakePHP is classified as both MVC and ORM framework and no doubt it's the most popular one these days. Being able to efficiently work with databases, such as MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL etc., makes it one of a demanding choice of PHP frameworks available today

Auto completion option in CodeLobster IDE speeds up the work by too many folds and creating, for example, a controller becomes super easy. Auto Completion can easily be accessed by pressing Ctrl + Spacebar, as can be seen in this screenshot.


Creating and saving objects in database is super easy, since “Cake PHP” is designed to work upon the idea of Rapid Application Development (RAD), so all it takes is following naming conventions of tables and columns and that's it.

Scaffolding is supported too- Auto code generation based on user specifications. Availability of additional modules for expanding the standard functionality of the framework makes this IDE even more versatile.

Instant pop-up hint, about a specific function of any of the supported libraries, is also one of prime features of CodeLobster IDE. All it takes is simple hovering of mouse on function name, shown in the screenshot, and a pop appears with all the detail, such as function description with included parameters.

CakePHP Instant Popup Hint


Salient Features of CodeIgniter:

    Extensively used for content management
    Easy to create and manage libraries
    Easy for file handling and managing user sessions

CodeIgniter- Being one of the fastest framework, is well popular among the developers for its not demanding to host framework property. CodeLobster IDE fully supports CodeIgniter PHP framework. It is by far the most well documented PHP framework available today and lots of examples and tutorials are easily available

CodeLobster IDE makes it super easy to work with CodeIgniter framework through its autocomplete and instant pop up features. Creating and managing libraries or other content management systems can be easily done with CodeIgniter using CodeLobster IDE.

Implementing routine tasks like working with files and images, validating forms, managing user sessions or sending mail becomes piece of cake with CodeIgniter.


Salient featured of Laravel PHP framework

    Simple and elegant in coding
    Efficient for simple tasks such as caching and paginating
    built-in REST controller

Laravel is another popular PHP Framework. It's open Source and is based on working principle of Model - View - Controller. Due to its simplicity and sophisticated coding style it is also commonly referred to as PHP framework for web artisans.

CodeLobster IDE has fully functional integration for Laravel and supports all the modules and libraries. CodeLobster makes it easy to implement common task with Laravel such as caching, user authentication and sessions, dividing data by pages (pagination).

Laravel has a built-in REST controller, supports auto loading of PHP classes and unit testing.


Salient Features of Phalcon framework:

    Very High Performance
    Low level architecture
    Lighter to run on processor
    Based on MVC and ORM

Phalcon is a full-stack PHP framework and it is delivered as a C-extension. Its low level architecture makes it a very high performance PHP framework. In practice, it does not affect the load of the processor and hence runs very fast and efficiently.

Phalcon very well supports transaction systems. It supports easy implementation of MVC applications and utilizes ORM to manage databases. Additionally it supports useful functions such as autoloader of PHP classes, REST-controller, built-in template engine etc.


Salient Features of Symphony framework:

    Component based
    Easy to implement
    Libraries derived from Drupal and PHP-BB

Symphony is useful in its ease of implementation due to its simplicity and componential approach. It consists of a set of libraries that can be easily implemented to create web application in no time. About 50 different components available for Symfony and CodeLobster IDE gives all the flexibility to work with all components of Symfony.

Components of Symfony provide all the repetitive code ready made to developer so developing time is accelerated by many folds. Libraries for Symfony has been derived from Drupal and PHP-BB due to their renowned robustness.

Twig template engine

Salient Features of Twig template engine:

    Part of Symfony Framework
    Prebuilt code components
    Easy to implement for newbies

Twig is a part of above mentioned, Symfony framework, it is a template engine with compilation of many themes. It is easy to implement and fairly fast and secure. It can be easily extended by rewriting using built-in plugins.
CodeLoster IDE has complete support for development with Twig. It is easy to implement custom logics using CodeLobster IDE using Twig since a template contains both variable and expressions.
Twig provides the flexibility for the programmer to override any part of the template.

Yii - Yes It Is!

Salient Features of Yii framework:

    Based on MVC approach
    Suitable for working with UI
    Works well with routine tasks such as forms, authentications and page caching.

Yii is based on MVC approach and is very popular framework for building web apps. It is very versatile and yet simple to implement routine tasks such as form validation, supports for multilingual. User authentication and authorization, page caching etc.

Yii uses different themes and its very flexible to use for creating user interfaces. Latest version of Yii also support Bootstrap.

Working with CMS in CodeLobster IDE

CMS (Content Management Systems) are now days very popular because they give the handy built-in templates engines and plugins to develop things in hours that otherwise could take days to build from scratch. There are different tool for working and integrating with various databases as well.

These frameworks provide wide range flexibility to manage site administration as well configuring interface through easily customizable options. CMS are very popular with ecommerce store and other interface rich internet portal.

CodeLobster IDE once again has support for different CMS which makes CodeLobster as one stop solution for almost all development needs.

Following are mentioned different CMS that CodeLobster IDE supports.


Drupal is a rich CMS system based on its powerful set of API and support of large community of developers around the world. Its usage is so simple and straight forward that even a beginner can build a website with even no deep knowledge of programing itself. A large number of functional modules and themes are open source for this platform.

Drupal provides a rich set of API forming a functional platform for experienced developers. So they can create a content management systems upon Drupal.

CodeLobster felt the need to integrate its support for Drupal due to its shear popularity and now you can easily develop on Drupal framework in CodeLobster IDE.

Drupal in CodeLobster IDE

In CodeLobster IDE it is possible to install Drupal CMS for experienced programmers and create Drupal modules and work on themes and templates. The above CodeLobster IDE screenshot is showing a screen on a development on Drupal web app.


If you are into ecommerce business then no doubt you might have heard Magento even if you are not a developer yourself. That's how popular and powerful Magento framework is. Its is also a CMS like Drupal but it's purely for e-commerce platform. It is based upon the PHP Zend framework. It has extensive set of plugins and modules but it is quite demanding on hosting resources due to its rich features.

Magento through its built-in plugins provide complete ecommerce solution from shop and customer management to integration of payment gateways such as PayPal, PayFlow pro, bank transfer and credit card etc.

It has complete support for dealing in different currencies for best global online shopping experience and CodeLobster IDE makes it easy for you to develop with Magento through its well managed development environment.


Joomla with its simple yet powerful features is also a CMS. It is very convenient to use due to its simplicity and requirement of minimal programming skills. It's not as flexible and rich in resources like other CMS but it provides all the basic functionality to build entire website with ease and minimal effort.

Working with prebuild templates is quite easy in Joomla. It is based on components system. Different component sin Joomla include plugins, templates and modules.

CodeLobster has complete Support to work with Joomla CMS.


Now lastly, WordPress the worlds rapidly spreading and growing CMS with repeatedly winning the award for best open source CMS available on planet. It is so versatile and massive that it includes features of all the above mentioned CMS and provides easy tools to integrate for making all in one web apps and websites.
Largest community of developers and designers has made this CMS rich in content. Thousands of exclusive themes are available and thousands are being developed every single day.

Developing a project of any scale, WordPress always has to offer you something. From ecommerce stores, to personal blogs even the complex news portals, all of them can be easily developed in WordPress in matter of minutes.

Using CodeLobster IDE, developers can easily modify all WordPress components according to their requirements. The CodeLobster IDE enables programmers to work with actions, filters, plugins and all related components of WordPress in an easy way. Similarly, it is very easy to work with official documentation of WordPress framework. Not only these, CodeLobster IDE provides a wizard as a separate interface allowing programmers to install WordPress in automatic mode. Below screenshot from CodeLobster gives a taste of development with WordPress in IDE

WordPress development in CodeLobster IDE

Let's sum up

Having read this whole article now you may feel knowledgeable enough about different popular PHP and CMS frameworks available today. By explain all the features, in detail, I intend to help you take better decisions in choosing best framework for your next development and CodeLobster IDE, of course ,is there to help you, with its built-in support for various PHP libraries and CMS, no matter which you chose. Beside one thing should be clear here that IDE only helps the programmer to implement his idea, the programming environment does not solve strategic issues for him to reach its goal.

Next time, when you plan to make your ideal web app or any kind of website, I am sure your mind will look back to the memory of this article for better insight about all the options available for you.

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