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How to Connect Denodo using DbVisualizer Database Management Tool

In this data virtualization tutorial for Denodo users, I want to introduce an alternative client tool DbVisualizer which SQL developers can use to connect Denodo Platform to execute their SQL queries on Denodo database. I want to share how to define JDBC driver for Denodo data virtualization platform connections on DbVisualizer tool.

First of all, launch DbVisualizer database management tool.
If you want to download and install DbVisualizer, you can refer to how-to article at download and install DbVisualizer Database Management tool for SQL developers.

launch DbVisualizer free database management tool

If you are going to create a database connection for a Denodo Platform for the first time, it is possible that the Denodo driver is not defined yet.
We can define the JDBC database driver for Denodo using the Driver Manager as illustrated below

On DbVisualizer's main menu, follow menu options: Tools > Driver Manager…

open driver manager configuration on DbVisualizer for Denodo JDBC drivers

If this is the first time you are connecting to a Denodo Platform, you will not see an entry for a Denodo driver in the list.

Click on the icon to "create a new driver" for Denodo plarform connections

create new database driver on DbVisualizer

A new driver entry is created with empty configuration as follows

new driver definition template on DbVisualizer for Denodo connections

Type a descriptive name to your new driver
For example, you can use "Denodo" for driver name

URL Format for Denodo driver is as follows:

For Driver Class property, first we have to point to the Denodo JDBC driver file using the "folder" icon
Click on the folder icon and navigate to the \tools\client-drivers\jdbc folder under Denodo Platform home path
For example, in my installation I find the denodo-vdp-jdbcdriver.jar JDBC .jar file under path:

Denodo JDBC driver jar file path in Denodo Platform installation folder

After you open the file folder and select the denodo-vdp-jdbcdriver.jar JDBC driver file and click "Open", you will return back to Driver Settings page where the Driver class is automatically populated and there is a green check mark next to "Denodo" driver name on the left drivers list box.

Denodo JDBC driver configuration on DbVisualizer database management tool

Close the Driver Manager by clicking on the "x" close icon on the top-right of the dialog screen.

After the Denodo driver is defined, we can now create database connection to Denodo platform as shown in following steps.

On initial screen of DbVisualizer, on Databases window, click on "Create new database connection" icon

create new database connection using DbVisualizer software

Choose the "Use Wizard" option to make the database connection process easier

create wizard to create database connection on DbVisualizer

On the first page of the new connection wizard, provide a descriptive name or a connection alias to the Denodo database connection

new database connection from DbVisualizer to Denodo

Choose the Denodo driver we have defined in previous section using the dropdown list.
Remember we have named the Denodo database driver as "Denodo"

select Denodo database driver

In next wizard screen, we need to provide the details for the Denodo database connection

Denodo Platform database connection details on DbVisualizer

The database URL format was defined as below in previous section

Database URL for my target Denodo Platform is as follows according to database URL format

Then provide a valid Denodo Platform credential details using database userid and database password for that user

DbVisualizer to Denodo Data Virtualization platfom database connection

Click Finish

On the Databases window, the new Denodo database connection will be listed and if the connection is successfully established you will see the green checkbox next to it.

Below, the default database identified in the Database URL can be seen (in this case poc database) among other databases created within Denodo Platform connected.
The database connection properties screen shows that the Virtual DataPort version is 7.0 and the JDBC driver class used is com.denodo.vdp.jdbc.Driver in Connection Messages area

Denodo Data Virtualization Platform databases on DbVisualizer

Under each Denodo database, if you drill down you will see Table and View nodes.
Underlying datasource base views are listed under the "TABLW" node and business views are listed under the "VIEW" node in alphabetical order.

Denodo data resources view and tables in DbVisualizer

I hope this Denodo and DbVisualizer tutorial is helpful for you to establish the database connection from DbVisualizer database management software to Denodo Data Platform or data virtualization platform databases.

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