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Windows Phone Launcher Tasks List

Microsoft Windows Phone SDK provides programmers a list of task launcher for Windows Phone app development. In this Windows Phone 8 tutorial, developers will find the Windows Phone launcher tasks they can use to display a content using one of primary apps installed on Windows Phone device.

To be more specific about the use of task launchers on Windows Phone app development, programmers can think of such a case. If you want to display a web URL on the Windows Phone 8 default browser, Internet Explorer 10, they can use WebBrowserTask launcher task. When WebBrowserTask launcher task is called, the app will call the primary Web Browser app IE10 on WP8 and navigate to the target URL address instead of displaying the web address within the app itself.

Of course developers are not limited with Windows Phone Launcher, with Windows Phone 8 SDK 8.0 a new method called LaunchUriAsync method is used to launch built-in system app from app codes.

For example, if the Windows Phone app developer keeps a list of phone numbers like the service phone number or a call center phone number. Then the app has the possibility to enable the Windows Phone device user to place a call by just triggering an event within the WP8 app. Assume that behind the click event or tap event of a "Call" button, you place codes that will create an instance of the PhoneCallTask task launcher. This will let the Windows Phone 8 app to place a call for the user to given phone number.

List of Launcher Tasks for Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 app developers can find the full list of Windows Phone launchers here.

Task LauncherDescription
BingMapsTaskTo display Bing Maps and show a place on map
BingMapsDirectionsTaskTo display directions on Bing Maps
ConnectionSettingsTaskWill launch network connections settings
EmailComposeTaskTo send email from app using defined mail accounts
MapsTaskTo open maps and display a point (on Nokia Maps)
MapsDirectionsTaskTo show directions on Nokia Maps
MapDownloaderTaskEnables to download offline maps
MapUpdaterTaskEnables app to update offline maps
MarketplaceSearchTaskTo search Windows Phone market for apps
MarketPlaceHubTaskTo find apps on Windows Phone Market
MarketPlaceDetailTaskTo display details about Windows Phone app
MarketPlaceReviewTaskTo review an app on Windows Phone market
MediaPlayerLauncherTo play a media file (photo, audio or video)
PhoneCallTaskTo make a phone call
SaveAppointmentTaskTo create an appointment
ShareLinkTaskTo share a web URL on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
ShareStatusTaskTo share user's status on social media
ShareMediaTaskTo share a photo or a video file on social media
SMSComposeTaskTo send an SMS message
SearchTaskTo make a web search using default search provider
WebBrowserTaskTo launch web browser and display a web page

The use of Windows Phone launchers enables your app to interact with other primary apps installed on Windows Phone smartphone. Using launchers Windows Phone app developers will have a wide range of functionality without additional development for functionalities already provided by other apps. Also this will have a common look and feel. So keep an eye on the above Windows Phone 8 launchers lisk and try to solve your requirements as much as with using these Windows Phone tasks.

If you want code samples showing how to use Windows launchers, you can check the following Windows Phone 8 app development tutorials.
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