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Windows 8 Tools, Applications and Tutorials for Windows Users

Windows 8 Tips and Tricks

Windows 8 introduces many new features like the outstanding new Metro-style user-interface especially for users who are used to classic desktop applications. And this Windows 8 Tips and Tricks guide includes Windows 8 tutorials explaning most important Windows 8 tips for new users who are experiencing difficulties to new Windows 8 enhancements

Screen resolution for Metro-style applications:
The new Metro style interface is one of the fundemantal features of new Windows 8 operating system. Metro style UI enables customization of screens according to the priorities of the Windows users. This new feature builds a perfect user interaction in Windows 8 but needs a basic requirement, the screen resolution. In order to run Metro style applications (including games), the screen resolution of Windows 8 computer must be at least 1024x768 or higher.
Please refer to following Windows 8 guide for details: Change Screen Resolution in Windows 8 for Metro-Style Applications

Windows 8 product keys to reinstall or reset Win8 OS
When you require product keys to reinstall Windows 8 or reset you Windows 8 operating system, you can use one of following Windows 8 product keys.

Keyboard Controls: Windows 8 is touch enabled operating system. Users can control their working environment on Windows 8 using multi-touch gestures. But still you can control keyboard and mouse in order to command applications and Windows 8.
Use Windows-key in order to switch between the Windows 8 Start screen and the current or latest active metro-style application.

Windows 8

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