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How to Launch Built-in Apps from Windows Phone App code using LaunchUriAsync

LaunchUriAsync method can be used instead of Windows Phone launchers to open primary apps or to launch system applications in Windows Phone app development. Using LaunchUriAsync method to launch built in apps is new with Windows Phone 8 for developers. For example, if you want to provide a function that Windows Phone app user can open bluetooth settings or wi-fi settings, you can use LaunchUriAsync method with corresponding URI scheme.

LaunchUriAsync URI Scheme List

Although Windows Phone launchers and LaunchUriAsync method provide similar functionalites, some of the following functions listed in below table are only available with LaunchUriAsync method for developers

http:[URL]To launch web browser and navigate to specific web URL address
mailto:[email-address]To launch email app with To is set to email-address specified
ms-settings-accounts:To open Account Settings app
ms-settings-airplanemode:To launch Airplane Settings app
ms-settings-bluetooth:To launch Bluetooth Settings app
ms-settings-cellular:To open Cellular Settings app
ms-settings-emailandaccounts:To launch Email and Accounts Settings app
ms-settings-location:To display Locations Settings app
ms-settings-lock:To launch Lock Screen Settings app
ms-settings-wifi:To open Wi-Fi Settings app
zune:navigate?appid=[App Id]To navigate to app details page on Windows Phone Store
zune:reviewappTo open review page for calling app on Windows Phone Store
zune:reviewapp?appid=[App Id]To launch reviews page for specified app
zune:search?[search parameter]=[value]To search Windows Phone Store
zune:search?keyword=[search keyword]&contenttype=appTo search Windows Phone apps by keyword
zune:search?publisher=[publisher name]To launch Windows Store and search publishers apps

LaunchUriAsync Sample Windows Phone App Code

Let's make an example Windows Phone app and try to open the Wi-Fi Settings of the Windows Phone 8 smartphone using LaunchUriAsync method with corresponding URI scheme.

Windows Phone 8 Settings App Wi-Fi settings

Uri uri = new Uri("ms-settings-wifi:");
await Windows.System.Launcher.LaunchUriAsync(uri);

As Windows Phone app developers will realize there is no need to import a namespace like Microsoft.Phone.Tasks

Let's make an other example to show how easy to open settings app using LaunchUriAsync method for app developers. Following code is used to launch Bluetooth settings on user's Windows Phone 8 device.

Uri bluetoothUri = new Uri("ms-settings-bluetooth:");
await Windows.System.Launcher.LaunchUriAsync(bluetoothUri);

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