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Evony Games Tips and Tricks

Evony Game Tips and Tricks: Defend Your City against Undead Invasion

With this Evony The King's Return game tips and tricks guide for players, I will show the methods to be successful in defending your city against Undead Invasion troops as alone as well as alliance and get more points during the Undead Invasion event.

If you are participating in Undead Invasion for the first time or if you are looking for some tips to get more points you can review the tricks shared in this guide. If you apply the suggested actions, I believe you will be able to defend your city against as many of the 20 waves of attacks as possible.

First tip: Before all actions you can take, first equip your monarch with Medicine Crown for faster healing your wounded troops during the Evony Undead Invasion event.

wear medicine crown for faster healing your wounded troops

As the second step, assign your best defense general as wall general aka Main Defense General. Additionally assing a second general for improving your city defense during the Undead Invasion event.

assign main city defense generals for Evony game Undead Invasion event

Besides Main Defense general, assign suitable generals for all duties especially the Archer Tower general.
Some generals are especially good and experts for some specific duties. Cultivate those generals and use them for those duties. For example, using a good duty general will increase the hospital capacity and healing speed when you assign it to your city hospital. Or your troops defending the city will have better buffers while defending and counter-attacking Undead waves.

assign duty generals for important city defense buildings

You should definitely assign generals to Archer Tower, Hospital, Trap Factory and to Military buildings if you are training troops during the event.
Embassy and Bunker generals are also good if you send or accept reinforcements and keep your siege machines in Bunker during the event.

Then recall all your troops to defend your city as incity troops against Undead Invasion attacks. Note that, during Undead Invasion event, your troops will not be killed but at most be wounded. So if you have a bigger number of troops you can defend your easier.

In following step, send out all your siege machines to gather resources to alliance mine, or to gather resources from tiles since siege machines can be damaged by invasion attacks and it will require gems to repair them. If you're in NAP period, you can use resource tiles otherwise use only alliance mine, sawmill,
If you don't want to spend gems for repairing your siege machines, you can use them for gathering resources from tiles or secure them in Bunker while the Undead event is continuing.

use bunker to protect your troops

Before even first attack wave and your troops are wounded, increase your troops attack, defense and HP buffers at least for 1 hour.

increase troops attack, defense and HP buffers

You should immediately start healing your wounded troops on your city's Hospital after each wave and request help from other alliance members.

use hospital to heal wounded troops

Don't forget to request help from alliance members to support you during healing your troops. This will let you recover wounded troops without using any healing speedups.

request help from alliance members

Sometimes the game has problems and you don't get help support, if you realize that you are not helped since sometimes past after your request, close and open the game. This can help you eliminate the game bugs preventing you from requesting and getting healing help from other alliance members.

Help other players in your alliance to heal their troops by clicking on the help requests on top of the Embassy building whenever the help icon appears.
This will help others to heal their wounded troops faster.

Although the resources like food, lumber, stone and ore are required in small amounts then other times for healing your wounded troops, it will be best to have enough resources before starting the Undead event. Otherwise while dealing with healing troops, requesting help and supporting others, you will not waste time for bringing resources into city from your stocked items.

reserve enough resources to heal wounded troops during Evony event

If you fail to defend your city twice, the Undead Invasion will stop attacking your city and will not send additional troops against you. In that case send your troops reinforcements to other members of your alliance who are still defending their own cities. You will still get points for your inforcements defending your alliance members' cities.

Please note that, you should choose members who are weaker than you for sending your troops as reinforcement. Otherwise, when you try to defend a stronger member's city, since the Undead Invasion wave will be more stronger, you will get more wounded troops and healing will be more costly.

reinforcements during Evony Undead Invasion for additional score

During the Undead Invasion, be within your hive. Even if you are out somewhere far away from your Alliance City, come close to your alliance area. Otherwise you won't be able to send your troops for supporting others or others won't be able to send their troops as reinforcements to your city in case you are far away from your alliance hive.

To defend your city agains all attacks including Undead Invasion waves, build as many traps as possible.
In addition to defending your city with increased number of traps, study defense technologies in Academy which will help to increase the possibility of triggering of traps during enemy attacks and which will increase the trap capacity.
And don't forget to assign a duty general for your Trap Factory

defense technologies in academy

In addition to studying defense research before the Undead Invasion as well as during the event, since most members of the alliance will be actively responding to your help requests, you can research new defense technologies then wait others to support you one after another. After getting a good number of help, you can later use your research or common speedups to complete the research and continue researching for the next new technology.

While undead army attacks continue, you may win a surprise Undead General Chest which may include game resources as well as an Undead General as seen in following screenshots which is a picture of my Undead General from a past Undead Invasion game event.

Evony game Undead General Chest

And here is the general whose main feature can be summarized as: "Turns 8% of the defending enemy's wounded troops into dead troops, but also 8% of your own wounded troops into dead troops when General is leading the army to attack."

Evony Undead General

At the end of the game, you will have a total score from defending your own city and if you send inforcements to your alliance members to help them defend their cities. Here is the message informing me about my score in one of my recent Evony Undead Invasion event.

Evony Undead Invasion score

I hope this Evony game guide is useful for the game players so they can enjoy the game more during the Undead Invasion event. If you liked these tips and tricks, you can also enjoy reading the Evony Game Tips and Tricks: How to Collect Evony Speedups.

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