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Windows 8 Product Key to Reinstall Windows 8

If you require Windows 8 product key to re-install Windows 8 in order to repair your installation, you can use the product keys given here. If your Windows 8 setup crashes somehow and auto-repair options fail, you can try to re-install Windows 8 or reset Windows 8 using the below product keys.

Please note that Windows product keys supplied in this guide are provided by a Microsoft Support Engineer named Michael in MSDN forums. Please follow the thread if information in this guide does not apply to your case.

While you are reinstalling Windows 8 release Windows Developer Preview, you can use the following Windows 8 product key to install it once more:

If you need to re-install server version of Windows 8 Developer Preview, the below Windows 8 key can help you with setup:

The above Windows 8 product keys can also be used with the Reset functionality, the same Win8 keys are valid

One last thing about these product keys, these Windows 8 keys are only valid for the first Windows 8 release (Windows Developer Preview version)

Windows 8

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