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Windows 7 Location-Aware Printing Features

Windows 7 offers location-aware printing for users who travel a lot.
Windows 7 enables Windows users to set up more than one default printer for multiple locations with location-aware printing solution.

And I'm sure professionals who travel alot will like Windows 7 location aware printing feature among many other Windows 7 features.

If you travel a lot between specific locations, when you want to use a printer for printing your documents, you have to select a printer around for printing job.
It may be some times boring to find out the right network printer among numerous Windows 7 printers.

If you use the default printer, you might have your documents printed hundreds of miles away waiting for your return :)
This is really a problem of course if you are working on confidential files for your enterprise or four yourself.

My solution in my Windows XP laptop computer is to change the default printer everytime when I went to an abroad office.
In fact changing default printer each time is not a much work to do, but before setting the default printer, I generally became printed a few pages of the documents using a far away printer.

Windows 7 location aware printing minimizes the user interference and takes the control of setting the default printer which is suitable for Windows users.

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