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Windows 7 Iso Image Burner - Windows Disc Image Burner

Windows Disc Image Burner is one the new Windows 7 tools making work easier for Windows users.
Especially for users who are looking for a good .iso image burner software can benefir from the Windows Disc Image Burner in Windows 7.

Windows Disc Image Burner enables burn .iso images to a writable CD or to a writable DVD media.
It is a built-in iso image burner free with Microsoft Windows 7.
If you double-click on an .iso image file, the Windows 7 tool Windows Disc Image Burner will start.
After you configure Windows Disc Image Burner settings for writing to CD or DVD, the iso image burner application will process writing image file on the target media.

Let's see how to burn iso files using Windows Disk Image Burner.

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