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What is WET?

Windows Easy Transfer (WET)

Windows Easy Transfer (WET) is a software used for transferring data files and user settings or program settings from one computer to another.
Windows Easy Transfer (MigWiz.exe) is a wizard. The name MigWiz.exe is an acronym for Migration Wizard. Actually migration of user settings and data is just the WET does. Windows Easy Transfer can be located in the Support\MigWiz folder on Windows 7 setup media.
WET can transfer users' profile. But WET can not be used to transfer installed programs. Although Windows Easy Transfer can transfer a programs settings, you should install manually the program you want to transfer on the target computer.
Windows Support engineers can use Windows Easy Transfer (WET) during upgrade from Windows Vista (SP1 or SP2) to Windows 7, or before installing the Windows 7 on a Windows XP computer.

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