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SQL Server Tools - SQL Tool List for Database Management, Development and Reporting

I want to group SQL Server tools according to their use and list tools for SQL Server by referencing the software information pages of these sql tools.
The aim of listing a large number of SQL Server tools is informing database administrators and IT professionals about the capabilities of these tools.
If you know your problem occurring on your database environment you can seek for a solution. Sometimes solutions are around us as pills. Why spend hours of hard work while the solution is existing there a few clicks away?

IT Database professionals (database administrators, sql developers, Business Intelligence developers, report builders) require SQL Server tools for:
SQL Database Management Tools
Data Modeling Tools
SQL Monitoring Tools
SQL Tracing Tools
SQL Auditing Tools
Performance Tools
Optimizing / Optimization Tools
Building SQL Jobs
Business Intelligence Tools for developing Business Intelligence applications
DTS Converting and DTS Migration Tools
Data Importing Tools and Data Exporting Tools
Data Transformation - ETL Tools
SQL / T-SQL Rapid Development Tools
SQL Formatter (SQL Formatting Tools)
SQL Server Query Tool
SQL Backup Tools
Database Restore
Log Management
Deployment Tools for deployment of database objects like script deployment, sql job deployment
dealing with high number of servers
Data Compression Tools and Database Backup Compression Tools
Compare Data
Compare Database Schemas and SQL Database Objects
Script Data in Database Tables
Building Reports / Report Development
Intellisense or Autocomplete in SQL Editor
Documenting SQL Objects or Database Documentation

In this list of tools for SQL Server in which users can find sql tools download links from the product developers and software vendors.

SQL Server Management Tools

EMS SQL Management Studio for SQL Server
SQL Management Studio for SQL Server provides a complete package for all common SQL Server tasks for database administrators and developers.

DBArtisan is a database administration tool from Embarcadero which aims the maximum availability, performance and security of databases including MS SQL Server
DBArtisan provides powerful GUI editor and wizards for database administrators to speed routine tasks while minimizing errors for increased productivity.

EMS SQL Manager for SQL Server
EMS SQL Manager for SQL Server is a MS SQL Server administration and database development tool.

Discovery Wizard for SQL Server from Quest Software.
Quest Software is being developing a very useful and handy tool for SQL Server administrators. The SQL tool is in Beta phase and MS SQLServer administrators can download free.
This SQLServer tool enables administrators to gather information about the SQL Server installations in their network.
Discovery tool can find the number of SQL Servers installed, can find out how many databases and the size of databases on those deployed SQL Server 's.
Discovery Wizard tool can also bring out the SQL Server versions and the Service Pack levels of the SQL installations in the network.
And what makes this tool unique is that SQL admins can see the users and the network traffic connecting to those MS SQL Server instances and watch this traffic within a period of time.
A must tool for SQL Server administrators especially for those administrators that are new in the company and want to get a summary of the existing MS SQL Server instances in their company network.

Tools for SQL Server - Database Design and Data Modeling Tools

Embarcadero ER/Studio is a data modeling tool enables database designers document and re-use data assets.
ER/Studio enable database designers reverse engineering so making it easier to analyze and optimize existing SQL Server databases.

SQL Dependency Tracker

Tools for SQL Server - SQL Monitor and Database Monitoring Tools

SQL Server Activity Monitor Tool
SQL Server Activity Monitor is a new build-in SQL Server tool for database administrators first introduced with SQL Server 2008 and used for monitoring SQL Server performance and for troubleshooting SQL Server performance problems
Activity Monitor displays collected data from different resources on a single dashboard and enables database administrators to take action about SQL Server performance problems. Displayed server data is processes, disk I/O, CPU usage, recent expensive queries, wait times, etc.

SQL Monitor 3.0
SQL Monitor 3.0 previously known as SQL Response is a sql monitoring tool SQL Server administrators require much. SQL Monitor 3.0 tool for SQL Server monitors the health of the SQL Server instance and the activity on the server. Administrators can build alerts for notification of problems when they occur on the server.
It is easy to monitor sql deadlocks, blocking processes or problems like long running and resource consuming queries.

Zero Impact Sql Monitor
Zero Impact SQL Monitor is an other tool for SQL Server that is used as database monitoring tools. Zero Impact SQL Monitor enables database administrators to monitor performance of their SQL Server database systems without any affect.

SecureSphere Database Activity Monitoring
SecureSphere Database Activity Monitoring is a compact tool for major databases like SQL Server for sql monitoring, auditing and reporting.

Data Compression Tools for SQL Server

SQL Server 2014 Data Compression Wizard

Data Compression Wizard
In SQL Server 2014, SQL Server Management Studio tool Data Compression Wizard helps database administrators to manage data storage by enabling them to estimate storage gain by applying different type of data compression types over database table partitions.

SQL Server Tools for Database Schema and Data Comparison

SQL Server Tools to Compare Schema

SQL Compare 10
SQL Compare can be used to compare schemas of two different databases and synchronize SQL database schemas of the sql databases by DDL sql commands. SQL Compare can especially be used between development and test databases or test and production databases.

xSQL Object for SQL Server
xSQL Object for SQL Server is a SQL Server tool for database schema comparison. SQL Server database administrators can easily compare two different databases and generate SQL script to synchronize two database schemas.
Please read our SQL tool review at xSQL Object SQL schema compare tool review for more information.

DB Comparer for SQL Server
EMS DB Comparer for SQL Server compares SQL Server databases and finds schema differences between sql databases.
DB Comparer for SQL Server prepares sql scripts that can be used to eliminate the database schema differences between SQL Server databases and synchronizing sql database structures.

dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server
dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server is used for schema comparison and synchronization between different sql databases. dbForge Schema Compare enables analyze the differences in database structures of development, test and production databases environments. It can build scripts and propagate the desired modifications to a target SQL Server database.

SQL Server Tools Compare Data and Data Synchronization

xSQL Data Compare
xSQL Data Compare tool for SQL Server can be used to compare data in two different databases and synchronize data. Data Compare tool has a free edition called Lite Edition beside its support for SQL Server versions from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2008 R2.
Developers and database administrators can use xSQL Data Compare tool for data migration, replication data verification, for populating development databases with data, for auditing, etc.
Please read our product review for xSQL Data Compare data comparison and synchronization tool for SQL Server

Omega Sync
Omega Sync known previously as Data Sync is a data compare and data synchronization tool. An important feature of Omega Sync tool from Spectral Core is that Omega Sync can compare and synchronize data between two different database servers.

SQL Data Compare 10
SQL Data Compare is a handy tools for SQL Server professionals in order to compare data in sql tables and if required synchronize SQL database contents by generating sql DML scripts like insert, update or delete.

dbForge Data Compare for SQL Server
dbForge Data Compare for SQL Server enables database workers for easy data comparison and synchronization between different SQL Server databases.

SQL Comparison SDK
SQL Comparison SDK supplies developers an API for reaching Data and Schema comparison tools of Red Gate. Developers can use the SQL Comparison SDK for automating data comparison and data synchronization tasks between their development, staging and production databases.

Data Comparer for SQL Server
EMS Data Comparer for SQL Server is a powerful data compare and synchronization tool.
Data Comparer for SQL Server can create automatic scripts for eliminating data differences between SQL Server database tables.

SQL Server Import and Export Wizard
It is possible to export table data from one SQL Server database to another database easily from SQL Server Management Studio using SQL Server Import and Export Wizard tool.

SQL Server Backup Tools - SQL Backup and SQL Server Backup Compression Software

SQL Server professionals can find more related information on sql backup compression at SQL Backup Compression Default Option in MS SQL Server 2008 sp_configure Command.
They can also refer to SQL Server Backup Compression Software for more detailed review of SQL Server backup compression software and SQL Server tools for sql backup compression.

SQL Backup Pro 6.5
SQL Backup Pro 6.5 from Red-Gate is a complete sql tool to compress, encrypt and monitor SQL Server backups for SQL Server administrators.

LiteSpeed for SQL Server
One of the SQL Server tools of Quest Software company is the SQL Server Backup and Recovery Tool "LiteSpeed for SQL Server".
LiteSpeed offers secure encrypted backups and fast sql backup compression method for saving from sql backup time and backup storage space.
It is also possible using LiteSpeed Backup and Recovery Tool for SQL Server to restore individual database objects.
You can also download a 15 day free evaluation and free trial download of this SQL Server Backup and Recovery tool.
For a detailed review on LiteSpeed please refer to LiteSpeed Backup SQL Server Backup Compression Tool.

Task Automation Tools for SQL Server

DB Mail
DB Mail is an automation tool not for sending e-mails from most common databases but can manage automation of sending e-faxes, SMS and cell phone messages, etc.
DB Mail is a perfect tool for automating messaging needs of a database application.

Tools for SQL Server Development

Microsoft Visual Studio 2015
Database administrator and SQL developers can use Visual Studio 2015 to create SQL Server database object scripts using VS2015 Database Project. Visual Studio SQL Server Database Project template provides a list of built-in tools like script generating using import database function and development and deployment features for SQL Server programmers.

Script Executor
For SQL developers and database administrators deploying sql scripts to multiple databases is always an important issue.
xSQL Software's Script Executor enables database professionals to easily load source scripts into database tool and execute sql scripts on multiple databases.
Please read our review Execute SQL Scripts against multiple databases using Script Executor for this SQL Server tool.

Rapid SQL
Rapid SQL from Embarcadero is a tool for database and application developers which can be used to produce high quality SQL code faster.
Rapid SQL supports team work environments that will boost the outcome of teams.
Rapid SQL easies sql coding and source code control, database object management, reverse-engineering and deployment of a database schema.
Rapid SQL also supplies profiling tools for application and sql developers.

SQL Sets
One of the SQL Server tools that I have found very interesting as well as very useful is the SQL Sets from PrimalBits Software.
SQL developers and test teams can create snapshots of data that will be affected during tests before starting the test. After the test is completed sql developers and test team members can create the same snapshot with new data that are changed during the test processes. Comparing two data sets it will be easier to understand what has happened and what went wrong during tests.
SQL Sets also enables SQL users to create Portable Data Documents which are query based data which can be saved and shared between collaborating teams and members. Users can add annotations into portable data documents to highlight important issues related with data.
One additional feature of SQL Sets SQL Server tool is SQL developers and SQL Server administrators can easily export sql data in various formats.
Developers interested in SQL Sets tool can download the 14-day free trial version from product download page.

SQL Multi Script 1.1
SQL Multi Script enables deployment of multiple sql scripts to multiple MS SQL Servers by executing each script on each database with a single click in this tool.
SQL Multi Script easies database management tasks on multi servers for administrators.
Developers can query multi databases parallel and aggregate results of their queries in case of need.

SQL Assistant
SQL Assistant is a SQL Server tool from SoftTree Technologies. In fact database developers can this database development tool not only for SQL Server but for Oracle, DB2, MS Access, MySQL, etc.
Code snippets, SQL syntax check, format code, refactoring, test data generation, unit test, compare code are all very useful features of this SQL Server tool.

SQL Refactor
SQL Refactor as a single product is no more supported by Red Gate. But now SQL Prompt tool supports the basic functions of a SQL refactoring tool and more for sql programmers to refactor and formatting sql code in their work.

SQL Prompt
SQL Prompt enables intelligent code completion known as intellisense for sql developers to be used on SQL Server query editors.

SoftTree SQL Assistant
SoftTree SQL Assistant enables a high code quality and accuracy with increased speed in database development and sql coding for database administrators and developers.

Rapid Query
Rapid Query tool from Spectral Core provides a fast auto-complete function for Transact-SQL developers.
The intellisense feature, converting * (all) into column names, autocompete with tables, columns, as well as stored procedures, views, functions, etc enables do more with less typing for sql developers and administrators.
Rapid Query is a successor of the SQL Format tool.

DatabaseSpy is a multi-database query editor which enables sql developers to work on one query editor tool on all common databases.
DatabaseSpy is also a database design tool for sql administrators.

EMS Advanced Query Builder
EMS Advanced Query Builder is an sql query editor tool in order to build sql statements like Select, Insert, Update and Delete.
Query Builder tool has the advantage to work with major databases and with its visual GUI building sql statements is easier without any knowledge of SQL

EMS SQL Query for SQL Server
EMS SQL Query for SQL Server is a sql query editor tool with a visual editor interface as well as the text query editor.
SQL query editor tool also displays query execution plans for t-sql developers.

Toad for SQL Server, SQL Server Management and Development Tool-Set for SQL Administrators and SQL Developers from Quest Software.
The development tool for SQL Server "Toad for SQL Server" brings the power of MS Visual Studio and SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) together and makes it easy for DBA 's and developers their daily tasks.
For example, comparing schemas and synchronizing schemas. Also data compare and synchronization is made easier.
It is possible to run an SQL script on more than one instances so developers can work on multiple SQL Server instances using the Toad for SQL Server.
Besides these, managing SQL Server jobs is an additional feature for this SQL Server tool.

SQL Server Tools - Test Data Generator

SQL Data Generator 2.0
Red-Gate SQL Data Generator is a SQL Server tool for developers or testers in order to ease production development stages with automatically populating sql databases with realistic test data.
You can refer to tutorial Create Test Data using SQL Data Generator as an example on this tool.

Data Generator for SQL Server
Data Generator for SQL Server can be used by database testers and application programmers to generate test data for MS SQL Server database tables.
There is also a tutorial for Creating test data using EMS Data Generator for SQL Server as an example on this sql data generation tool.

Datanamic DB Data Generator
Database developer can use DB Data Generator as a SQL Server tool for creating meaningful test data in order to test their applications.
One of the features of DB Data Generator is that it can use a well enough mask for string values while generating test data.
If you want more information on this tool please read my review at SQL Data Generator - Generate Test Data for SQL Server Using Datanamic DB Data Generator Tool.

SQL Server Tools for Documentation

SQL Doc 2.1
SQL Doc is a handy documentation tool for sql developers who wants to document their databases.
SQL Doc can create database documentation from database schema and build descriptions for database objects like tables, views, and even for columns.
Documentation includes internal or external database dependencies for the related database objects.
Developers can build database documentation in HTML format or MS Word format.

Document! X
Document! X documentation tool helps admins and developers creating and maintaining the documentation of databases including MS SQL Server.

xSQL Documenter
xSQL Documenter from xSQL Software is a database documentation tool not only for SQL Server but for every major database management system including Oracle, Sybase, DB2, etc. Using the documentation tool for SQL Server, users can create database documentation in HTML or CHM file formats.

Documenter for SQL Server
Documenter for SQL Server enables SQL Server database administrators prepare a full documentation of their databases covering all of the database objects.
DBAS can prepare quickly cross-linked HTML documentation or Windows Help File (in CHM format) documentation of all database objects by parsing database properties.

SQL Server References

SQL Safari
SQL Safari is a reference resource for SQL Server administrators and sql developers. SQL Safari enables full access to most appreciated SQL Server books from Safari Books Online

SQL Server Database Schema Management Tools

SQL Packager 6.4
SQL Packager tools is used to package and compress schema and the database contents of a SQL Server database into .exe file for easy deployment.

SQL Server Log Management Tools

SQL Log Rescue 1.2
SQL Log Rescue is log analysis tool which IT professionals can use for viewing details in SQL Server logs and information on database transactions. DBAs can also use SQL Log Rescue records in order to get lost data back in case you have accidentally delete, or modify data in a database.

SQL Server XML Tools

SQL Tracing Tools

Permission to Run SQL Server Profiler Tool on a Database
SQL Server Profiler is a great tool enabling database developers to trace SQL commands executed on a SQL Server database and focus on some specific objects by filtering options like target database, SQL objects (procedures, triggers, etc) to trace, using wildcards for object names, etc.

SQL Audit Tool

SQL Server Audit
SQL Server Audit is a build-in auditing tool that is introduced with SQL Server 2008. Database administrators and security administrators can easily define audit specifications and log audit events into different log destinations like log files, Application log or Security log.

DB Audit Expert
DB Audit Expert is a professional sql auditing tool for SQL Server. System, database and security administrators as well as auditors can use DB Audit Expert as an sql audit tool.
DB Audit Expert enables tracking and analyzing database activity about database security, data access and usage, data creation, data updates or data deletion.

SSW SQL Auditor
SSW SQL Auditor or SQLAuditor is a tool for big development teams to ensure Quality Assurance. Database designers can trace if best practice standards are applied to the SQL Server application by running SQL Auditor.
SQL Auditor sql audit tool can be assumed as the FxCop for SQL Server development teams.
This tool can find database design problems and fix them, can identify sql naming problems, can find missing relations, missing primary keys, foreign keys, etc.

ApexSQL Audit
ApexSQL Audit is an sql auditing tool from Apex. It can track DML statements and save audit data into an other separate SQL database.
ApexSQL Audit tool has also command line support.

OmniAudit SQL Server Auditing tool is easy to install and easy to use sql audit tool.
By activating OmniAudit on any database, table and field, database administrators can identify which field in which table has been altered by which user.
SQL auditing tool also reports before update and after update data values as well as change time.
OmniAudit also fulfills the Compliance Requirements of regulations like FDA Part 11, HIPAA, PCI-CISP, Sarbanes-Oxley, etc.

Business Intelligence Tools (BI Tools)

SQL Server Data Tools Installation for BI Development on Visual Studio
To develop Business Intelligence applications (SSIS, SSAS or SSRS) on a SQL Server 2014 instance programmers have to install SQL Server Data Tools for Visual Studio 2013.
SQL Server Data Tools setup will provide Business Intelligence developers all the Business Intelligence project templates required for SQL Server 2014 Analysis Services, Integration Services and Reporting Services development using Visual Studio 2013.

PrismCubed enables developers and database professionals build business intelligence applications within short periods of time.
PrismCubed provides ETL (Extract - Transform - Load) functions with huge amounts of data. Provides a simply interface for users to filter data, analyze data and visualize data.

DTS xChange
DTS xChange is one of the most searched tools in the market which convert DTS packages to SSIS 2005 or SSIS 2008 packages.
The Business Intelligence tool DTS xChange from Pragmatic Works Software can successfully migrate existing SQL Server 2000 DTS packages to new SQL Server Integration Services SSIS packages. A very little manual work is left to SQL BI developers after DTS xChange is used for migration DTS packages.

SQL Server Resource Governor
SQL Server Resource Governor is a built-in tool which enables database administrators to control or limit server resources for a better performance.

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