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How to Rotate Screen in Windows 7

Windows 7 enables users to rotate screen 90 degrees, 180 degrees or 270 degrees in Windows 7 using short-cut keys. Although this is not a function used frequently, the general case is Windows users accidentally change the rotation of their screens and they do not know how they did this. Even they want to change back to their normal screen view, since they do not know the right key combination they suffer from this situation.

The magical Windows 7 shortcut keys are Ctrl + Alt + Arrow keys (↑←↓→) . Just stop for a movement and try the below Windows 7 short-cuts to rotate screen display in Windows 7. These combinations will help you to restore your screen view when it is required most for your Windows 7 system.

If you have accidentally changed the default rotation of your screen display, you can return back to normal screen using Ctrl + Alt + ↑

rotate screen in Windows 7 using shortcut keys
Rotate screen in Windows 7 using shortcut keys

Windows 7 users can rotate screen by 90 degrees to left using Ctrl + Alt + Left Arrow shortcut key combination. (Ctrl + Alt + ←)

Windows 7 screen rotation with Ctrl+Alt+ arrow key shortcuts
Windows 7 screen rotation using shortcut keys Ctrl + Alt + arrow keys

Windows 7 users can rotate screen right by 90 degrees to left using Ctrl + Alt + Right Arrow key shortcut (Ctrl + Alt + →)

rotate screen using short-cut keys on Windows 7
Rotate right by 90 degrees

It is possible to change Windows 7 screen rotation by 180 degrees if you use the key combination Ctrl + Alt + Bottom arrow key (Ctrl + Alt + ↓)

screen rotation with Windows shortcut keys
Rotate Windows 7 screen view by 180 degrees

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