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Internet Explorer 9 Requirements - IE9 Requirements

The most recent web browser from Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) is released for free public use at Microsoft Downloads. In order to build the most advanced web browser, Microsoft build the IE9 - Internet Explorer 9 on top of the Windows Vista and Windows 7 graphics and its display layer characteristics and features. Windows Vista users will remember the Aero features introduced with Windows Vista and enhanced in Windows 7. And Internet Explorer is build on top of such graphics and performance features of the running operating system like Vista and Windows 7 to make it a unique experience for web users. During the Internet Explorer installation, the additional graphics components and Windows updates will be automatically installed by the IE9 setup process.

Minimum operating system requirements for installing Internet Explorer 9

What is the minimum operating system requirements to install Internet Explorer 9 on an OS?

Windows users require at least the operating systems Windows Vista Service Pack 2 or Windows 7 RTM editions to install Internet Explorer 9 (IE9).
Windows XP users will not be able to install Internet Explorer 9 on their Windows XP running computers.

For more details about requirements for installing IE9, please refer to support article KB2399238 from Microsoft.

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