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How to Check Windows 7 Version Number with Service Pack

If you want to check Windows 7 version installed on your PC, you can see the Windows 7 edition and service pack level of your computer using the Control Panel System information screen.

Follow the following menu selections : Control Panel > System and Security > System

As you can see on my home computer Windows 7 Ultimate operating system with Service Pack 1 is installed.

Windows 7 Control Panel system information for Win7 version and service pack

But if you require more detailed information like Windows 7 Build number, version, service pack level, Windows 7 edition, product details like product id, product name, etc you can use Windows 7 Registry Editor.

Open the Windows Registry Editor using regedit, drill through Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion

Check the Windows 7 registry entries for CSDBuildNumber, CSDVersion, CurrentBuild, CurrentBuildNumber, CurrentVersion, EditionID, ProductId, ProductName key value pairs.

Windows 7 current version build number and service pack number

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