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How To Download, Install And Enable Windows 7 DreamScene Animated Background

What is Windows Dreamscene and is Windows 7 DreamScene Available ?

Windows 7 users who have not used Windows Vista may wonder what is Windows DreamScene or may have questions about Windows 7 DreamScene.
I believe, Windows 7 users who have learnt about Dreamscene or animated backgrounds have already checked for Windows 7 Dreamscene on the Appearance and Personalization configuration screen in the Control Panel.
Unfortunately none of Windows 7 users hoping an enhanced version of Windows 7 Dreamscene managed to succedd in pointing the Windows 7 Dreamscene.
The ugly truth is Microsoft has left Dreamscene feature behind with Windows Vista.
Windows Dreamscene is not available with Windows7.
Windows 7 does not have the Dreamscene feature which is loved much by the Windows Vista users including me.

Microsoft has announced that the reason for not including the Windows Dreamscene feature in Windows 7 is to improve the stability of the operating system and improving the speed and the performance of Windows 7.

For whom who does not know what is Windows Dreamscene, Windows DreamScene enables Windows users to set animated images or even movies as their Windows background.
Windows DreamScene is first introduced to Windows users with the release of Windows Vista.
Windows DreamScene is released as a free application for Windows Vista Ultimate within the special pack of applications called Ultimate Extra.

How to Install Windows 7 DreamScene ?

There are some third party applications and hacks around that can run Windows Dreamscene on Windows 7 operating system running computers.
One of these executable applications is "Windows7-dreamscene.exe". Since it is not officially supported by Microsoft, or a third party company it is your own risk to run and install the Windows7-dreamscene.exe which will enable Windows 7 Dreamscene animated background on your Win7 computer.

You can free download Windows 7 Dreamscene installation application from Windows7-DreamScene.exe.

Windows 7 Dreamscene

Third-Party Windows 7 DreamScene Installation

There are some third-party companies that offer Windows Dreamscene for Windows XP and for Windows 7 computers as well.
One of there companies is Stardock. Stardock has a product named DeskScapes for enabling Windows 7 Dreamscene on your computer.
Before you purchase DeskScapes you can download DeskScapes as a free trial.

Windows 7 Dreamscene deskscapes free download

The free download Stardock DeskScapes allow you to set a picture, even a movie, a video clip, a slideshow or an animated image as your Windows 7 desktop background just as it was possible on Windows Vista with Windows DreamScene.

Deskscape Windows 7 Dreamscene configuration

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