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Animated Windows Vista Wallpaper And Windows Vista DreamScene Downloads

http://www.vistawallpaper.org has many wallpapers for Microsoft Windows Vista users that can be downloaded for free in different categories.

http://www.vistabold.com is an other site that has wonderful desktop items for your Windows Vista. You have a sneak preview of Vista wallpaper in categories and also see the actual size and resolution for the wallpaper image.

Download sites for Vista Ultimate Extra Dreamscene :

Also if you are interested in Windows Dreamscene, you can visit the site http://www.dreamscenes.net/ for free trial downloads of Vista Dreamscenes and purchace if you like for a price of 5 dollars.

http://dreamscenevideo.net is one of the best sites that you can find Vista Dreamscene videos for your Vista desktop.

http://www.vistahd.org is also a good place to download free Vista Dreamscene videos or purchase them for prices as low as 2 dollars.

DreamScene videos have .dream file extension. And they are playing videos on the desktop just like a desktop backgroup wallpaper.

Those above sites deliver Vista users HD (hi definition) dreamscene downloads for Windows Vista Ultimate. By the way, in order to use Vista DreamScene your Vista operating system must be MS Windows Vista Ultimate Edition and you should download and install the Vista Ultimate Extras. For more information follow the below links.

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