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Windows 8 Wallpaper HD Quality

My top Windows 8 wallpaper in HD quality list that I've been using on my Windows 8 PC installations. Windows 8 HD wallpapers are a good choice for new metro-style Windows screen on your new PC. I liked the idea of beta fish on Windows 8 wallpapers since beta fish is still on the desktop tile on metro-style start screen of Windows 8. I have both used the below two beta fish Windows 8 wallpaper in HD image sizes.

And what I realized is I like the blue on Windows 8 desktop. It was black and blue on Windows 7. And my favourite color was green on Windows Vista desktop images.

But if you like to see fantastic images on your Windows 8 wallpaper, I had also a few suggestions for you to download and use as your new Windows wallpaper.

One important note on Windows 8 wallpapers, since there is no longer any Start button in Windows 8, do not download these wallpapers with start button images as a Windows 8 wallpaper.

Here is my top list looking for Windows 8 wallpaper in HD

Windows 8 wallpaper HD
Beta fish on a blue surface as my current Windows 8 HD wallpaper. download

Windows 8 wallpapers
After the Lucky 7, Microsoft is trying its luck on number 8 on this HD wallpaper image download wallpaper

Windows 8 wallpaper
Again blue colors which I like most to see on my desktop wallpaper

Windows 8 HD wallpapers
An alternative Windows 8 wallpaper who likes more figures on his/her desktop Windows 8 wallpapers

Windows 8 HD wallpapers
Yes one of my favorite wallpapers. Green feels relaxed. Windows grass wallpaper

Windows 8 space wallpaper
If you like space you can try this fantastic space travel on your Windows 8 HD wallpaper. wallpapers

Windows 8 fish wallpaper in HD
The original Windows 8 beta fish, I like to see it on my Windows 8 desktop. You should try it to feel you are using a Windows 8 computer. beta fish wallpaper

wallpapers for Windows 8
Blue? Or Green? Any how I hope you will like this wallpaper image too. download

wallpaper for Windows 8
Do you like robots or cyborgs? Here is a wallpaper image you will love. You can use this HD wallpaper on your Windows 8 PC. HD wallpapers

Windows 8 tiles on your desktop
Here is what tiles are. This is the soul of new Microsoft OS, Windows 8. You should use this HD wallpaper if you want your friends you are using a Windows 8 computer. Windows 8 tiles

Windows 8 wallpaper HD quality
Do you like it? You can use this on Fridays, this HD wallpaper will keep you awake. green

Angry Birds Windows wallpaper
And I keep the best for the last :) Do you like Angry Birds. Yes you can now play Angry Birds on Windows 8 as a Windows 8 app. And here is a high quality HD wallpaper for Windows 8 angry birds

I hope you like the above Windows 8 wallpaper list in HD quality. I will add new HD wallpapers to my list as I found new images for my desktop.

Windows 8

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