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Microsoft Project 2013 for Office Developers

Microsoft Project 2013 is a part of Microsoft Office 2013 family also known as Office 365. These days you can register and try Office 365 Preview for free in order to see what is new in Office 365 or new Microsoft Office 2013 applications including Project 2013.

With Windows 8 and enhancements in web apps, Microsoft offered Office users a new platform to work and collaborate for their office works. Developers can build Office 2013 apps or apps for Office 365 to use within the MS Office 2013 family over web so in Microsoft Project 2013 as well. I'ld like to share tutorials and articles to help Office developers who want to develop Microsoft Project 2013 apps.

Microsoft Project 2013

I believe enterprises will be interested moving their Office applications to their private intranet environment. Building apps for Office 365 will enable companies to create custom solutions for their requirements. And Microsoft Project 2013 is one of the potential Office applications where custom apps will be created by Office developers for project management offices of enterprise companies.

Here is a group of links for Microsoft Office 2013 resources for Microsoft Project 2013 development. I hope these MS Project 2013 development tutorials and articles will guide Office developers to build office and project apps.

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Project 2013 (Office client development)
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