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PSP Personal Software Process Tools

What is Personal Software Process ?

The term Personal Software Process is relatively new to Software Management topics.
Personal Software Process is a methodology created by Watts Humphrey from Software Engineering Institute.
Personal Software Process redesigns the basic principles of the personal software process in order to help individual engineers to improve their own performance.
Personal Software Process brings discipline to software development engineers way to develop software and program.

PSP principles are easy to implement to daily work of software developers and software project managers.
PSP introduces new measures for developers and managers to serve as the basis for software development process improvement in the organization, as well as for individuals.

In short software firms can evaluate, Personal Software Process as a software engineering methodology. PSP improves individual software developers' abilities to predict the time required for a task, the quality of a software development product and evaluate new technologies and methods.

Personal Software Process Tools List

Here is a list of tools that can be used to support learning and implementing of Personal Software Process on Software Development processes.
The Personal Software Process (PSP) Body of Knowledge (BOK)
Self-Study PSP Material
PSP Academic Material
The Software Process Dashboard

PSP Personal Software Process Documents and Training

You can download free PSP document "The Personal Software Process (PSP) Body of Knowledge, Version 2.0" from Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon.
Here is the free download link for The Personal Software Process (PSP) Body of Knowledge ebook.
Here is an alternative download link for this personal software process documentation.

Self-Study PSP Material

Self-Study PSP Material is a supplemantary tool which can be used by personal use to support learning the concepts covered by the Personal Software Process book "PSP: A Self-Improvement Process for Software Engineers".
In order to download the Self-Study PSP Material, a download request form should be filled first using the form at download request form
A short time later an email including the download link of learning material will be send to you.
The total download size of self-study PSP material is about 7,69 MB.
You will have a Student Workbook and support documents including Personal Software Process Body of Knowledge (BOK) ebook, templates, coding standards templates, design review checklist template, code review checklist template, etc.
Especially the checklist templates will help developers just like PSP checklist software.

PSP Academic Material

The free downloadable PSP for Engineers course material here is provided only for academic purposes.
In order to download free PSP material a download request form should be filled.

The Software Process Dashboard

The Software Process Dashboard is an open source free Personal Software Process tool that can be used in PSP and TSP concepts.
The Software Process Dashboard can be downloaded from http://www.processdash.com/download web site.

Recommended Material

The Managing the Software Process, Watts Humphrey 's book is one of the first documents where PSP Personal Software Process is being developed as a discipline or as a methodology.
So Watts Humphrey is an author whom should be well tracked about PSP.

A Discipline for Software Engineering, Watts S. Humphrey, Addison Wesley, 1998
Managing the Software Process, Watts S. Humphrey, Addison Wesley, 1990
Practitioner�s Starter Kit, Just-In-Time, James E. Tomayko


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