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CRM Customer Relationship Management Resources and Tutorials

What is SAP CRM ?

SAP CRM is Customer Relationship Management software from SAP.
SAP is one of the biggest business software and applications vendor especially concentrated at enterprise and middle-size companies requirements like ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), SCM (Supply Chain Management), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), SRM (Supplier Relationship Management), PLM, Manufacturing, MRP, etc.

Especially enterprise companies and middle-size companies require a CRM software (Customer Relationship Management) or CRM tool in order to define, organize and get the most benefit from the relationship between business to customer entities.
By taking care of every individual customer relationship companies aim to increase the customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.
CRM tools and Customer Relationship Management software applications are forming a platform for companies to manage all activities related with customers.

SAP CRM Features

Among many other CRM solution, SAP CRM features include many vital aspects for customer relations like Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Contact Center, e-Commerce and IT Service Management.

The first Customer Relationship Management CRM software applications were focused on marketing and customer contact center requirements of enterprise companies. But this was more than 15 years ago.
Today companies require CRM software packages with CRM features and CRM functions more than contact center abilities and marketing capacities.

Here is what SAP CRM offers for customers looking for a complete Customer Relationship Management software package.

SAP CRM - Customer Relationship Management Software

Marketing Resource Management, Segmentation and List Management, Campaign Management, Real-Time Offer Management, Lead Management, Loyalty Management
Sales Planning and Forecasting, Sales Performance Management, Territory Management, Accounts and Contacts, Opportunity Management, Quotation and Offer Management, Pricing and Contracts, Incentive and Commission Management, Time and Travel
Service Sales and Marketing, Service Contracts and Agreements, Installations and Maintenance, Customer Service and Support, Field Service Management, Returns and Depot Repair, Warranty and Claims Management, Service Logistics and Finance, Service Collaboration, Analytics, Optimization

Besides all those SAP CRM modules, SAP CRM offers Web Channel, Interaction Center, Partner Channel Management, Trade Promotion Management and Business Communication Management modules.

As a developer working in an enterprise company, I can observe the requirement for a software package which will bring togetger the sales and after-sales or service processes. Many companies use custom software applications to manage aftersales utilities and activities like service sales, installations, field service, repair, returns, warranties, service stocks and finance. But SAP CRM features and functions will combine all after-sales solutions with pre-marketing and sales activities management solutions in one software package for enterprise companies.


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