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Remove People Application Icon from Windows 10 Taskbar

On Windows 10, users can see People app icon on taskbar. Most Windows 10 users prefer to remove People application icon from taskbar since People app is not frequently used by many Windows users. In this Win10 guide, I want to share how to unpin People icon from Windows 10 Taskbar.

Windows 10 People app icon

Windows user can use People app as an address book on their computers.

In following screenshot, Windows 10 users can see the People app icon on the system taskbar. I assume you want to unpin People icon from taskbar.

Windows 10 People app icon on taskbar

If you don't want to see unused applications' icons on the tskbar to provide free space for frequently used application icons, just right click on the Windows 10 Taskbar.
Then make sure you uncheck Show People on the taskbar.

Configure Windows 10 Taksbar to unpin People app icon

That's all. After this small change on taskbar configuration, you will be able to remove People app from taskbar.

Windows 10

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