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Siemens HiPath ProCenter SDK Tutorials

Siemens HiPath Procenter SDK enables programmers to integrate their custom CRM applications or other software solutions for CRM, SRM, etc with telephony. Procenter SDK provides a means for CRM telephony integration.

Siemens HiPath Procenter and HiPath ProCenter 5.1 SDK Article and Tutorials

Siemens HiPath ProCenter Toolkit Download
Siemens HiPath ProCenter Toolkit (SDK) Download Link

HiPath ProCenter Developers who are developing CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) applications generally require to connect to Siemens HiPath ProCenter SDK web site and download SDK Toolkit with latest patches and updates.
HiPath ProCenter Toolkit
How to Create a Web Service using Siemens HiPath ProCenter Toolkit (SDK) and a .NET Application Consuming The Web Service

This is a sample ASP.NET Web Service web site application that enables call center agents to dial automatically any phone number by using Siemens HiPath ProCenter Toolkit SDK. You can download the source codes of this HPPC SDK web service application and test on your RRServer.

HiPath ProCenter Toolkit
HiPath ProCenter SDK Version Checking

The SDK version is not exposed in the .dll properties and you have to check the date of ttkhppc.dll file.
HiPath ProCenter Toolkit
How to get AgentKey value of an Agent using HiPath ProCenter Toolkit SDK

In Siemens HiPath ProCenter Applications, the Agents are identified with their AgentId values. Despite the use of AgentId value on the User Interface (UI) of the HiPath ProCenter Applications, every process related to the Agents in SDK (HiPath ProCenter Toolkit) Applications are done by referencing the AgentKey vaues.
HiPath ProCenter Toolkit
Creating CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) Applications using HiPath ProCenter Toolkit on Visual Studio .Net 2003

Visual Studio .Net IDE platform can be used to develop CTI applications using HiPath ProCenter Toolkit. In this article I'll be trying to summarize the basic steps to use VS.Net as a development platform for HiPath ProCenter Toolkit SDK.

Visual Studio

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