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Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (VS2010)

Visual Studio 2010 is the latest integrated development environment (IDE) for Microsoft .NET Framework developers. Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 release date was celebrated with VS2010 Launch Events in various dates all over the World. As a benefit to MSND subscribers, they were the first users of the RTM (released to manufacture) build of Visual Studio 2010. Before VS2010 takes its place on the market, MSDN subscribers were able to download and install Visual Studio 2010.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Download

Microsoft has also released public available trial downloads of Visual Studio. So developers are able to download, install and try the new features and the new functionalities of the latest .NET development product Visual Studio 2010.

For trial Visual Studio 2010 download links for each VS2010 edition including Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010, please visit Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Download.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Editions

Microsoft has grouped the functionalties of VS2010 according to roles of developers in their development teams. As every product, these functions within the VS2010 are packed in different Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 editions.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Editions available are as follows :
Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate,
Visual Studio 2010 Premium,
Visual Studio 2010 Professional and
Visual Studio Test Professional 2010.

Developers, team leaders and project managers will find more information like product detail and prices of VS2010 editions at Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Editions and Prices.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Installation

Developers can find Visual Studio 2010 installation screenshots showing the install process step-by-step at :
Visual Studio 2010 Installation (VS2010 RC)
How to Uninstall Visual Studio 2010 Previous Installations

Visual Studio

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