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Register Free Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Certification Exams (Beta)

In Microsoft TechNet Beta Exams blog, the availability of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Certification Exams are announced and .NET Framework developers working with MS Visual Studio 2010 are invited to take beta exams for free.

If you are a .NET developer who have taken Microsoft beta certification exams before, then you know the beta certification exams are free during the beta period. Although the certification exam price is free, when you are successfull in the beta exam and pass Visual Studio 2010 exams you will get your certifications just as you get them after they are relased after beta period.

Since I have participated in many beta exams before, I can say that you will feel yourself very happy after you pass a beta certification exam. One of the reasons of that proud is you will be one of the first developers who have that very fresh certification. The second reason, you will pay nothing for passing certification exam. Third reason, you know that you have certified knowledge and experience about the skills required for developing in Visual Studio 2010 environment. This gives you to explain, teach and guide others about the new Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 development tool and new Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 programming.

As last point, I can suggest developers who have programming experience on Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, to register for free Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 certification exams including Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 topics. The registration begins on 17th of March and exams will be done in April, 2011

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Please refer to TechNet Blogs for more detail.


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