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Microsoft Garden Pond TouchScreen Game for Windows 7


Garden Pond TouchScreen Game

Microsoft Garden Pond is one of the touchscreen games for Windows 7 users that comes default installed with the Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7.
Microsoft Garden Pond is a multi-touch screen origami game which can be played by a single player or two player simultaneously.


The Garden Pond scene is one from Japanese water gardens. It is a tranquil game although Windows gamers have limited time to complete each game. They have to complete each level in the game within the given time limits.
Gamers move the origami pieces around the garden pond to pieceful regions through the challenging obstacle courses.


Garden Pond Games for Windows 7

Microsoft Garden Pond consists of 4 games with names
The Bridge
The Castle
The Gate
The Village

Microsoft Garden Pond - The Bridge

Windows 7 multitouch gamers will be successfull in this Garden Pond game if they can move all of the existing origami on the pond to the correct zones within the given limited time period.

Microsoft Garden Pond - The Castle

In The Castle Garden Pond multi touch game, Windows 7 game players will win if they can move the origami to the end zone on the pond by avoiding all obstacles within given limited time period.

Microsoft Garden Pond - The Gate

In this multi touch game, Windows 7 game players must burn all existing origami on the pond within the given limited time period to complete the task in Garden Pond.

Microsoft Garden Pond - The Village

Windows users can use the colored boats in order to collect as many origami flowers as they can collect within the limited time period for completing the Garden Pond multitouch game.

How to Play Microsoft Garden Pond Touchscreen Game

Make small gentle waves on the surface of the water in order to carry origami flowers to target zones. Do not touch the origami flowers directly. Just push them using waves in the water.

Avoid obstacles like floating candles or stationary candles in the garden pond.

Windows7-Microsoft-Garden-Pond-stationary-candle-pictureA stationary candle in the Microsoft Garden Pond multitouch game for Windows 7

Windows7-Microsoft-Garden-Pond-floating-candle-pictureA floating candle in the Microsoft Garden Pond multitouch game for Windows 7

If you can not prevent origami flowers to touch candles, no matter floating or statinary, by creating waves or ripples in the pond, the origami flowers will catch fire and start to burn. Multi-touch game players can extinguish the fire with splashes on the surface of the pond water. In order to create splashes use your fingers by sliding them on the water surface towards the floating candles. Note that if you strike the water longer the bigger water splashes you will create in the pond.

If a dragonfly prevents your flower to move to its target, you can tap on the dragonfly and keep it out of your way.


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