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Microsoft Blackboard Touch Screen Game for Windows 7

Blackboard TouchScreen Game

Microsoft Blackboard is one of the Microsoft Windows 7 Touch Pack multi touch screen games released for Windows 7 users. Gamers can categorize Microsoft Blackboard game as a physics puzzle game. Yes it is a puzzle game where you build a complete machine from pieces of machineries and tools in order to move ballons and balls towards the light bulb and light it. On the other hand what makes it different from other similar physics puzzle games is that you can experience the multi-touch screen features of the new Windows 7 operating system within the game.


This multitouch game is a physics puzzle game where you create a mechanical machine on the blackboard. Windows 7 users will use gears, fans, seesaws and other objects to move ballons and balls to light bulb for the solution of the puzzle. Multitouch players can move parts of machine pieces using their fingertips on the blackboard for completing the solution. It is possible to resize the machine parts using your fingers gestures.


To complete a level successfully multi-touch game player should move the balloon or the ball to the light bulb. There are different difficulty levels where you can choose and by completing each level with success the game level will increase in each step.

Microsoft-Blackboard-balloon-images The Balloon and The Ball Microsoft-Blackboard-ball-images

How to Play Microsoft Blackboard Touch Screen Game for Windows 7

When you start the game and choose your game difficulty level, you will have a blackboard with pieces of machineries at the bottom. Your target will be to complete the semi-finished machinery which will get the ballon or ball to the light bulb.

Windows 7 users can use their fingertips to move or drag and drop machinery pieces and other game objects on the blackboard before they finish building the machine. When a piece fits on the place where you carried it turns to green. On the contrary if the piece you drag and drop does not fit to place where you try to mount, it is displayed in red. Red pieces will not work correctly as you plan.

After completing the puzzle by positioning all pieces in order to create a working machine, tap with your finger to the green triangle to play the scene. If your plans are successfull you will see the balloon will go towards the light bulb and light it.

Tips for the Game Microsoft Blackboard

You do not have to use all of the pieces existing on the blackboard for the solution of the puzzle.
You can resize objects and machinery pieces using two finger multi-touch gestures before mounting them on your solution.
Each puzzle might have more than one solution so relax and try to find your own solution.
Take care to the moving pieces, they can change the way of your balloon or ball in a surprising manner.

Pieces of the Puzzle Microsoft Blackboard Windows 7 Game

On the game area, the blackboard, there are different kinds of pieces and objects.

Some of there objects are vital for the success of the level like the balloon or the ball. Including the light bulb, these game objecs are called Key Objects. Windows 7 gamers should control key objects in order to complete the puzzle and finish the game level successfully.

The Light Bulb Microsoft-Blackboard-light-bulb-images Microsoft-Blackboard-balloon-images The Balloon and The Ball Microsoft-Blackboard-ball-images

On the blackboard, there are also fixed objects which you can not move, resize or manipulate in a manner. These objects are round spikes and straight spikes which are called Fixed Objects. These spikes are dangerous for the balloon or the ball and game players should avoid fixed objects by keeping away your key objects from them.
Round spikes can pop the ball or the balloon from any direction on the other hand straight spikes has unidirection affect.

Microsoft-Blackboard-round-spikes Round Spikes and Straight Spikes Microsoft-Blackboard-straight-spikes

The rest machinery pieces in the multi touchscreen game are those which you can manipulate with your fingers and multitouch gestures. Gamers can move these game pieces on the blackboard in order to solve the puzzle. Windows users can resize or rotate these game objects on the blackboard.

Microsoft-Blackboard-fan-images Blackboard Fan objects can be used to direct the baloon or the ball in the direction of the blow of the fan. Gamers can arrange the direction of the fan so the direction of the wind that the fan produces. Windows game players can also resize of the fan by using touch gestures in order to adjust the strenght of the wind that the fan supplies.

Microsoft-Blackboard-gear-images Microsoft-Blackboard-gear-images There are two Blackboard gear objects that turns in opposite directions; clockwise gear and counter-clockwise gear. Windows 7 game layers can use gears in order to push the ballon or the ball in the turn direction or to rotate a seesaw object on the blackboard.

Microsoft-Blackboard-round-bumper Blackboard round bumper objects can be used to repel the balloon or the ball in any direction within the puzzle. By resizing the round bumper the low power of this object can be adjusted.

Microsoft-Blackboard-seesaw-images Blackboard seesaw objects can rotate around its center using the power of other objects like gears, fans or balloons and balls. Windows users can use seesaw to limit moving objects within limited areas.

Microsoft-Blackboard-spring-pusher-images Blackboard spring pushers can push balloons or balls in one direction. Dislike many other game objects in the puzzle, spring pushers can not be resized.

Microsoft-Blackboard-wall-images Blackboard walls can be used to limit the moving area of objects in order to direct them or prevent them hitting from dangerous objects like round spikes and straight spikes.

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