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Download Updates from Support and Update Denodo Platform

After you install Denodo Platform, for maintenance Denodo data virtualization platform administrators can download and install latest support patches and fixes from Denodo Support site. Basically, there are two ways to update the maintenance or support packages: updating the Denodo Platform using graphical user interface or updating from command prompt by code.

I want to share my experience on keeping up to date the Denodo Platform installations that I am responsible, one on a server running on AWS cloud account and one on my local server.

Denodo Data Virtualization Platform Updates

Download Updates from Denodo Support Site

Denodo data virtualization platform administrators can check Denodo Support site for the most recent updates released for Denodo customers. Administrator and developers should have to logon to Denodo Support using a valid customer account.

After logging on the support portal, go to Downloads > Updates section for available Denodo update releases

Denodo Support site Updates section

On the Denodo downloads section for updates, check for the corresponding Denodo Platform, for example Denodo Platform 7.0 and check for the full update package. Administrators can download this full update which includes all module updates for the Denodo Platform and copy it on to the server.

download Denodo full update

After the file is copied into a folder on Denodo server, extract the contents of the compressed file. The setup file for the data virtualization software update is the .jar file as seen in following screenshot.

download and extract Denodo update file for .jar setup file

Update Denodo using Denodo Platform Control Center

In order to find the latest installed package on the data virtualization software, Denodo administrator can launch the Denodo Platform Control Center management tool and switch to Update view by using the "Update" button on the right side of the screen.

As seen below the most recent installed update was "update 20190312"

Denodo Platform Control Center installed updates

This page can be used to identify the latest update on this Denodo Platform since it is installed

Since I have a new update for Denodo Platform 7 which I have already downloaded from Denodo Support portal, Denodo V7.0 Update 20200310, I will show how to install it via graphical interface.

On the same page, there is Install update button.
Click on it to select the .jar file denodo-v70-update-202003102200.jar for the Denodo Platform 7.0 Update 20200310
Using the Windows Explorer, point to the folder where you have extracted the setup file downloaded from Denodo Support and select the .jar file.

select update file to install Denodo Platform

Click Open to start installing the new support package setup.

Here in my both installation experience; on local Windows 10 Pro edition and Windows server, I got following warning message.

close running programs for Denodo update installation

Close running programs
Before proceeding with the installation, please:
1) stop all the Denodo servers and administration tools;
2) close all instances of Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Click Ok to continue with the installation only after completing these tasks.

At this point, on my Windows 10 computer, I stopped all Denodo servers and services, I closed all applications not only Internet Explorer, even I restarted the computer because I thought some processes might be preventing the update from starting.

Unfortunately, on my Windows 10 PC, I could not finish installing the support package updates using graphical interface. So I had to complete the setup of the update package using Command Prompt. I will show the steps of this installation later.

On the contrary, on Windows Server, I got a warning informing that the Internet Explorer processes are running but that was not the case actually.
I approved to continue installation by pressing Ok button.

install update on Denodo Platform server

Then the wizard displayed a message informing that it will close the Denodo Platform Control Center and reminded me to launch to tool after the Denodo update is completed.

closing Denodo Control Center to install platform update

After pression Ok the setup process continued

Denodo online update

At the end of the update process, I got following message indicating that there were errors during the installation of the update.

Denodo update errors using Control Center

When I read the error message I see that the errors are related with deletion of some files.
So I thought they are not critical.

There were errors during the installation of the update.
You may not have the appropriate privileges to install the update, or there may be running processes referencing files of the Denodo Platform.
Make sure that all the Denodo servers, the embedded web container and the clients are stopped and install the update again.
Errors (you can find more details in 'C:\Denodo\DenodoPlatform7.0\logs\updates\denodo-update-1590324523336.log') :
executecommandifinstalled vdp[vdpserver] "delete ${install.dir}/lib/contrib/parquet-format.jar" : Unable to delete file: C:\Denodo\DenodoPlatform7.0\lib\contrib\parquet-format.jar
executecommandifinstalled vdp[vdpserver] "delete ${install.dir}/lib/contrib/opensaml.jar" : Unable to delete file: C:\Denodo\DenodoPlatform7.0\lib\contrib\opensaml.jar
executecommandifinstalled vdp[vdpserver] "delete ${install.dir}/lib/contrib/not-yet-commons-ssl.jar" : Unable to delete file: C:\Denodo\DenodoPlatform7.0\lib\contrib\not-yet-commons-ssl.jar
executecommandifinstalled vdp[vdpserver] "delete ${install.dir}/lib/contrib/xmltooling.jar" : Unable to delete file: C:\Denodo\DenodoPlatform7.0\lib\contrib\xmltooling.jar
executecommandifinstalled vdp[vdpserver] "delete ${install.dir}/lib/contrib/openws.jar" : Unable to delete file: C:\Denodo\DenodoPlatform7.0\lib\contrib\openws.jar
executecommandifinstalled vdp[vdpserver] "delete ${install.dir}/lib/contrib/esapi.jar" : Unable to delete file: C:\Denodo\DenodoPlatform7.0\lib\contrib\esapi.jar
delete ${install.dir}/lib/contrib/batik-css.jar : Unable to delete file: C:\Denodo\DenodoPlatform7.0\lib\contrib\batik-css.jar
delete ${install.dir}/lib/contrib/batik-i18n.jar : Unable to delete file: C:\Denodo\DenodoPlatform7.0\lib\contrib\batik-i18n.jar
delete ${install.dir}/lib/contrib/batik-util.jar : Unable to delete file: C:\Denodo\DenodoPlatform7.0\lib\contrib\batik-util.jar
delete ${install.dir}/lib/contrib/batik-constants.jar : Unable to delete file: C:\Denodo\DenodoPlatform7.0\lib\contrib\batik-constants.jar
delete ${install.dir}/lib/contrib/log4j-over-slf4j.jar : Unable to delete file: C:\Denodo\DenodoPlatform7.0\lib\contrib\log4j-over-slf4j.jar

Then when I launched the Denodo Platform Control Center and switch to Updates view, I see that the update 20200310 is listed as installed.

Denodo data virtualization software updated successfully

Update Denodo Platform using Command Prompt

As I wrote in previous section, while installing the Denodo update using the graphical interface I was stuck at a point caused by the running programs message. Although no programs mentioned in the error message were running the update was not progressing and I had to switch to maintenance by code using Command Prompt.

In order to start the update, switch to Denodo Home folder.
This is the Windows folder where you have selected to install the Denodo Platform on Windows 10 or on your Windows server.

My <DENODO_HOME> folder is "C:\Denodo\DenodoPlatform7.0"

Additionally, you need the .jar file which is extracted from the download package from Denodo Support site for this upgrade.
I extracted the file and got its path as:

Now as seen in following screenshot, launch Command Prompt with Run as Administrator option.

Change to directory <DENODO_HOME>\jre\bin using:

cd C:\Denodo\DenodoPlatform7.0\bin\jre

as in my case then execute following command.
Please replace the .jar file path and Denodo Home folder path according to your server installation

java -jar C:/My/Denodo/setup/denodo-v70-update-20200310/denodo-v70-update-202003102200.jar C:/Denodo/DenodoPlatform7.0 -c

You will be requested to approve installation, you will provide to enter "y" for yes to continue.

update Denodo software using Command Prompt

This method for installing the Denodo Platform updates was more smooth when compared with the Denodo Platform Command Control update method.

Denodo update completed using Command Prompt

In the extracted download file contents, Denodo administrators will find the list of corrections, fixes and enhancements to the Denodo data virtualization platform tool.

Data Virtualization

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