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What is WCF?

WCF (Windows Communication Foundation)

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) is a service oriented programming model for developers.
Web services changed alot the programming styles and the applications that are serving and consuming services.
We can consider the wide acceptance of web services as a necessity when we compare the giant enterprise applications like ERP applications, and when we think of the B2B applications.
Since such enterprise application include a wide range of software modules serving for different requirements with different many functionalities, it is almost impossible to replace such ERP applications.
Also when we consider the B2B applications (Business to Business Applications), enterprice developers and the architects face the problem of communicating different systems.
Since web services and the SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) offers a versatile solution to such communication and enlargement problems in enterprice level software development requirements, WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) with its rapid development methods grants developers great tools in order to build integrated solutions.

WCF supports enhancements in the web services like security and distributed transaction.
Those features are widely used in the industry and they are accepted as standarts in the web services development.

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