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Data Dictionary in Oracle - Tools and Charts

For Oracle database professionals, Computer Associates published Data Dictionary Poster for Oracle 9i and Oracle 10g. The Data Dictionary Poster Flash for Oracle 9i and Oracle 10g is a very handy Oracle tool for PL/SQL Oracle developers and Oracle Database Administration.

Oracle database professionals can fill the form at https://www.ca.com/us/Register/form.aspx?CID=165969 in order to get the download links for Oracle 9i Data Dictionary poster and Oracle 10g Data Dictionary poster.

The free Oracle 9i Data Dictionary poster download in executable Flash file format is about 2MB in size.
And Oracle professionals can be download directly from http://www.ca.com/files/SupportingPieces/oracle9i_poster_us_en.exe

The free Oracle 10g Data Dictionary poster download as executable Flash file is about 1.9MB in size.
Oracle PL/SQL developers and Oracle database administrators can free download file directly from http://www.ca.com/files/SupportingPieces/oracle10g_poster_us_en.exe

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